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From The Desk of Managing Director:

  Agriculture remains the most important sector of Bangladesh’s economy contributing 19.6% to the total of GDP and providing employment for 63% of the population. Bangladesh is a densely populated country and the population stands at approx. 190 million. The population is increasing by 1.5% annually. But on contrary the cultivable land area is decreasing every year. At this growth rate, the population is likely to cross 200 million by the year 2020. To feed this population explosion, the country needs 20 million tons of food grains annually. Therefore, the challenge to feed the excess of millions either no other alternative is to increase yield in unit land area. The tragedy is that a substantial crop loss is caused by natural calamities and pest attacks. It has become a challenge to provide farmers with the proper technology to improve crop yield and at the same time to protect crop losses from pest problems. With a view to contributing to the process of achieving self-sufficiency in food, Corbel International Ltd. (CIL) came into being in 1995. Since then the organization have marched forward meeting the challenges to assist farmers to protect their Agricultural yields. With the introduction of High Yielding Variety (HYV) seeds the yield of the agricultural crops has been boosted, but the crops have become vulnerable to pest-disease. Hence the requirement of developed pesticides irrespective of Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides or Rodenticides have been increasing substantially. Our philosophy of thriving on perfection, prompts us to commit and to stringent quality control, consistent and innovative methods that results high quality excellent pesticide products and seeds. In the next millennium we look forward to widen our customer base and this can be achieved providing cost effective seed to seed solution. Therefore CIL & CCIL direct their efforts aiming to provide comprehensive services to customers and thereby to humanity. (M. Saiful Alam) Managing Director & Chairman

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