Company Profile

Corbel International Limited (CIL) was incorporated as a company in the year 1995 with mandate to market effective and environmentally friendly agricultural inputs such as; Agrochemicals, Fertilizers, Spray Machine and Seeds etc to cover a wide range of economic crops.In harmony with the awareness of the present Global environmental situation CIL & it’s affiliates Corbel Chemical Industries Limited (CCIL) are actively ensures offering of world renowned environmentally safe Pesticides products and Seeds to farmers. The Pesticide Product have been given registration by Government after a series of screening at laboratory as well as field by the Plant Protection wing of Dept. of Agriculture Extension, Ministry of Agriculture. CIL, CCIL and BI have so far obtained registration 40 (Forty) Pesticide products.

A set of well-trained dynamic personnel having academic degree in Agriculture and also with vast operating experience are engaged. The farmers are now become keen in to accept latest technology to boost up quality production to ensure a better market. With this in mind CIL and it’ affiliates are involved in dealing Agro pesticides, Fertilizers, Seeds and Equipments CIL in their small endeavors are trying to contribute to the development of agriculture, a dominant sector of the country to feed its people and also to export.Another most important Sector is Health care, where the Company has planned to invest to establish a it’s presence with high quality products. The Company’s repacking plant equipped with most modern Packaging machines and highly qualified and trained personnel

Our Mission:

To maximize customer’s value. Satisfying our customer’s demands is our basic requirement, assisting our customers to succeed is our ultimate goal; to assist our clients successfully to benefit our farmers. All these activities are in quest of a better tomorrow.

Our Vision:

  1. Committed to positive business growth.
  2. To ensure economic development of farmers through low cost high yield.
  3. To contribute to the process of achieving self-sufficiency in food within the year 2020 by maximizing per acre yield.
  4. To create CIL & CCIL’s position within the industry by holding 15% market share by 2020.
  5. To offer seed to seed solution.
  6.  Believe on Quality is our Commitment and service to farmers is our motto.
  7.  To offer environment friendly bio-pesticide to save the nature.

Quality Assurance:

The basic philosophy of the company is to focus on quality of the products. Every consignment of import, before its marketing is tested for its inherent properties as a regular phenomenon. Only after meeting the declared specifications it is being marketed for use by the farmers.

Marketing and Sales:

This division is headed and controlled by wide experienced General Manager (Sales & Marketing) Mr. Md. Ayub Ali. There are ten zones spreadly all over the country headed by Zonal Sales Manager/Area In-charge. About 120 Marketing people are engaged in sales promotional activities and their strong marketing network all over the country side boast of a secure chain of distributors and retailers to cater to the customer’s needs. Each Zone/Area consists of 5-10 Territories looked after by Marketing/Sales Officer.

The present market size of pesticide business is about Tk.3500 million (US$600 million). The company is expecting to cover 15% of its market share by the year 2020.

Distribution Channel:

The products are channelized through 700 valid distributors and 6000 retailers. The company possesses its own eight warehouses located at Feni, Dhaka, Mymensingh, Bogra, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Jessore and Barisal. Four more proposed warehouses will be established by 2020. At present company’s five covered delivery vans are engaged to distribute the company’s products to the distributors and retailers’ level.

Training & Extension Services:

The Crop Protection awareness amongst the Farmers with appropriate solution is our motto. The company therefore adheres Training programme to:

  1. Organizing training with conferences of distributors/dealers.
  2. Train Field Officers
  3. Laying out field demonstrations in farmers field
  4. Mass contact with farmers and end users individually or collectively.
  5. Mass contact with extension people.
  6. Close relationship with distributors/dealers.

Besides this, CIL and CCIL have a network of branches through out the country headed by professional managers and experienced marketing people to promote and market the required pesticides in right place and right time.

Fact File:

CIL started business in the year 1995 with four products as a local distributor.
YTO was 0.60 million in 1995 which turned into 120 million in 2003
Acquired own registration of 03 (three) products in 1997 Subsequently own product line increased and registered products stood up to 40 (Forty) at the end of 2019. 12(twelve) more products are in the pipeline as a registration process.
Total employees of the company is 220. Products are mainly imported in bulk from abroad and repacked in companies own repacking factory situated at Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industry (BSCIC), Industrial Estate, Gollora, Manikgonj.

Seed Division:

Bangladesh is primarily an agriculture based country. About 75% of the country’s population is engaged in agricultural production. Seed is the foundation of agriculture for enhancing crop production. We started our seed business from 2006.

Rice Seed: Corbel International limited collect breeder seed from BRRI for multiply and marketing it nationwide by own distributor. Our varieties are BRRI dhan 28, BRRI dhan 29, BRRI dhan 50, BRRI dhan 58 (Boro season), BR 11, BRRI dhan 34, BRRI dhan 49, BRRI dhan 52 (Aman Season).

Maize Seed: Corbel International limited Import hybrid seed from India and marketing it nationwide by own distributor. Our varieties are Moon 4081 (Rabi season), Sun 222 (Rabi and Kharif Season).

Okra Seed: Corbel International limited Import hybrid seed from India and marketing it nationwide by own distributor. Our variety is Alvi 101 (Rabi and Kharif Season).

Aquaculture Business:

Bangladesh is an over populated country. Govt. as well as private entrepreneurs have given emphasis for higher production in crops, fisheries and poultry to feed it’s people.
Fish has long been providing food or animal protein for millions of people in Bangladesh. To meet the increasing domestic and foreign demands of fish and fishery products, aquaculture has been expanded tremendously and increased production over the last two decades. Now a days the aquaculture practices has been moved forward from traditional to improved practices to attain such higher production in this sector.

Office Address

  • Office Address: SR Tower (5th Floor), 49 Tejkunipara, Old Airport Road, Tejgoan, Dhaka-1215
  • office phone: +88-9114613
  • Office Email:

Factory Address

  • Factory phone: +8801755557991
  • Office Email: